yes. i love you CHANEL.
these are crazy. haaa. 

so i just remembered how much i love the character penelope on SNL & i had to share cuz she is freakin hillarious. 

enjoy. . .

ok. . . 
so i always knew of Ryan Leslie & his writing skills. but this past year in september i performed with Keri Hilson at this PEPSI VMA after-party out here in LA & Ryan Leslie was also performing. at soundcheck he was doing his set & i INSTANTLY BECAME A FAN. 
this guy is crazy. his stage presence is out of this world. he is so captivating, so entertaining. loved it from start to finish. 

so then i came across this on youtube of him creating a track. . .
please just watch how he works. i looooovvve artists who just spit out music everywhere. it just flows through every inch. 

well that`s my take on from what i see.


is it something you believe in? 
just a thought that had crossed my mind. wondering if it could be real. 
what is it that you feel at a point like that? 
how do you know?

& maybe not at first SIGHT; but possibly at first interaction?!? who knows. 

what do you think?

what an extremely amazing day in the history of our country & even in our world. 
i am truly speechless. to look back & reminisce on how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a DREAM & a vision on how he see`s CHANGE coming. . . predicted that 40 years later we would embrace a BLACK PRESIDENT & look at what we got 40 years later to date. 

BARACK OBAMA! C H A N G E ! ! ! ! ! 

woooowwww. . . chills. i have chills. how beautiful is this CHANGE?!? this EXCELLENCE?!? 
dreams no longer have to stay dreams. 
we can achieve & accomplish whatever it is we choose & please. GOD IS GOOD;
& dedication & faith gets you far. so happy to be able to live to see this moment in our history. 

welcome to office Mr. President. yeeeeeeeeee. 

THIS POST IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME: i used to live in boston about 2 years ago & i frequently made trips to New York. so i remembered this trip to the museum i made out there for my 20th b-day. at the time they had an exibit of pictures from Hurricane Katrina. very touching & really moving. 

these 2 pictures i took *which i know i wasn`t supposed to lol. sneaky pics!! ahah* really had an affect on me. i started crying 
*which isn`t too rare lol; i`m pretty emotional
anyhow. i am going to write captions under each one about what i took from them & how it really showed me just how incredible God is even through the STORM.  
 - - > this one here basically shows 
how high up the water flooded this particular room. all those dark spots is the water stains on the walls. BUT what i thought was so incredible was how the wallpaper is NOAH`S ARK & notice how the water marks stop right under the pictures of the ARK. like it was sitting on top of the water just like it was supposed to. 
- - > this one shows a room where everything got ruined & destroyed. YET the 2 things that remained were paintings on the wall. 1 of which was the LAST SUPPER & the other one, i believe was a BIBLE VERSE. wow. 
this little girl is theee cutest thing of life. ahahaha. i stole this from kanye`s blog 
BUT; she deserves all the play cuz she was real serious about this one. 

CHANEL is my favorite designer & i saw this really dope picture of the c`s so of course i decided to share. it was kind of powerful to me.

check. . .

now for those of you who know me, know that Keri is like a big sister to me & is close to me, BUT. . .this is NOT a bias blog post at all. 

i want to state that KERI HILSON IS THE MOST UNDER-RATED female artist out right now.  i mean come on america, why? 
she writes, she can produce, work pro-tools alone, arrange vocals, mix songs, work the computers, & SING. i`ve been around the woman first hand & she is a creator. her ideas flow from inside her own soul; in every way. 

tisk tisk. i don`t know why labels are just so unproductive now-a-days. but all i know is something has to change. i just say all this to say. . . TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND about Ms. Keri Hilson.  her album should be released really soon & i personally insist that EVERYONE go out & BUY a copy or two. look her up if you don`t know who she is & start spreading the word. 

i`m posting her 3 singles so you can watch them. ohhh & i`m in the last one. ahahah. she allowed me to make a little cameo. hollerrr.. 


#1. Energy 

#2. Return the Favor feat. Timbaland 
#3. Turnin me on feat. Lil Wayne 
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dancers in LA are just A LOT. they are a certain kind of person. it`s like a mini community. don`t get me wrong i have a few dancer friends out here who i love dearly but today i decided to go along to an audition with my good friend alvedo.
[ he is from seattle too, we grew up together ] 
anyhow. . . what an experience i had in there today. aahahahahahahahha. i wish i had a video camera. this post might make a lot of people mad - that is not the intention -

i promise  - - - > BUT 

lol. sheesh. it`s kinda scary how they do the whole process. they throw everyone in the room like a herd of cattle & don`t even give them a second to breathe. it`s like OK GO! & start teaching them the dances. people were in there jumping on poles just to see. i guess i have a new found respect for them at the end of the day because i would NEVER be able to do it like that. it was HELLA HOT IN THERE TOO. i felt like i was in miami with all the humidity.  

OH BUT THEN. . . i believe i got hit on by a man named aka "Bliss" ?!? wierd? ahah. . . who definitely didn`t like females, which i have nothing wrong with at all, but he clearly hit on me. & i did`t know how to feel at that exact moment but it was kinda awkard to say the least. ahahh. 

fun times. BUT alvedo made the next round so I PRAY HE GETS THAT GIG. it`s a good look. 
so i have this friend. more like a bestfriend. more like a sister. really. 

& she paints! 

she is like a secret weapon i must say. there`s so much talent in that body she has & her mind is such a vessel. she has recently really inspired me to want to begin to read more as well as paint. just to have an outlet for my emotions & my thoughts. to creatively express. i will share when i do, but first . . .

for someone who is an amateur & does it just 
for fun with canvas` from MICHAELS
she is brilliant in my eyes. . . here are a few pieces. when she does more i will share. in fact this weekend we will paint together!

why is it that t-mobile has to have the wackest phones & that they don`t ever get the cool ones until 60 years after they aren`t cool anymore?!? 


at the moment i have a sidekick & a blackberry curve. 
don`t ask
but i would gladly give them both up for the chance to dance around & play with a blackberry storm. oh t-mobile. smh. 

Well Well Well. . .
shall i introduce myself to you world?

- - - > i shall.

my name is, as many know me. . . Leah LaBelle.
i am 22 years young & i am experiencing life.
i have lately been searching for something deeper to feed my soul & my mind.
i am an artist. a musician. a writer. a soul who is simply living in the presence of the body God blessed me with.
i found that recently i haven`t been inspired the way i know i should be.
i have a brilliant friend who first showed me the world of blogging in her incredible conquest for more, so i then decided to look a little deeper into it.
we all know Kanye West & his superb blogs, but i have also grown to LOVE the miss Solange Knowles & hers as well.
she reminds me much of myself as a young artist molding herself into a strong woman.

WITH THAT SAID . . . . . i started this to become more inspired. to start looking at the world & all that`s in it in a different light. to then share & enjoy it. giving myself a source to let go - to escape - a canvas for my experiences :-) i need my passion back.
in this journey i will include you in much of what i see & things that excite me, that i may hate, make me laugh, cry, music, fashion, so much. . .

here & there i will also post some of the video`s i do on youtube to update you & please feel free to to check them all out at. . .
tell a friend to tell a friend ;-)


. if you wish to experience the blogs i mentioned feel free!