i am so late on this. . . but it`s still very relevant & touching.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ.

about a month ago me & my sister cristina, 
( who i featured a few posts below, showing a few of her paintings ) well, we got together & recruited 4 different people from different walks of life & after a random & someone silly/crazy night, we convinced them to paint with us. something they had never done before, nor even attempted to try. 
IN RESULT : they found that it not only healed their souls, but was a source of happiness & progression. each one of them ( including cris & i ) walked away feeling. . . 

new. fresh. pure. happy. hopeful. bright. accomplished. 

so beautiful how art can cause such things. we all sat down on my carpet with nothing but candles lit, musiq soulchild playing & painted on our feelings for the evening; about friendship & eachother. i have grown to love each one dearly & they have all touched my life in a different way.
i will feature 4 of the 6. enjoy & please take from this. i can`t begin to capture the impact it had on all of us. they all have deep deep meaning. 
this is what we have ............
..... ( pictures will be posted below in order of the captions underneath, from top to bottom. for some reason i couldn`t post them under the actual picture. lol. i am still new to this. ) 
- - - > cristina`s: this represents all 6 of us. in the upper left corner she has austin. his color is gold with a smiley face because everytime she sees him he is happy & it shines. next to that to the right is a road going down t
he middle meeting with another road. theses 2 roads represent jason & stacia on their journey together in friendship as well as in their own venture of woman & man hood. to the left of the roads is cristina & i. with a heart representing the love we have for eachother as well as the first letter of our last names. m & v. the upper right corner is brent. a new friend we met & cristina said she was excited to see where it was going to go in the journey we have begun. which leads to the question mark. where will it go? we don`t know but the power of art brought us together & is going to keep us. 

- - - > now we have mine: mine starts in the bottom right corner with a grey color that represents something neutral, where we begin. as we start to grow together we sprout, this is where the green comes in, representing the growth. as we grow we follow a road up to trust. the purple color represents the trust we have established & the road leads to the circle of trust we now have. as we continue our future is bright together which is where the yellow little lines on the top are jumping of happiness, with continual growth. in result we have now found love. the red in the background is our love for eachother & the blue circle surrounding it all is the success we have gained. . . . i had a deeper inspiration for this picture as well. 

- - - > jason`s pic: it started off with water on the bottom & just started growing into a beautiful rainbow surrounding the circle in the middle. the circle is 6 different colors, each one representing one of us & together it formed this amazing color & circle of unity & together-ness. so pure & incredible. 

- - - > austin`s pic: this one starts in the grass, as we grow together. the road leads the way, but along side the road you have different things you need in life to succeed. you have love & the sun for the bright future ahead. on the other side we have peace & God. along the road of life you meet ppl in your life who will b there a lifetime. so in the sky we fly together, 6 different stars.

- - - > here are all 6 paintings & a picture of the artists. i hope you enjoyed the brilliance. 


  1. ?? on February 3, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    so you just got randomers to paint in your house!?

    that is soo cool, i love it.
    It's not even about perfection, just about as you said the experience and confidence you can get from trying something new

    Love it, seriously, love it!

    Oh i saw these and though of you lol, Chanel two tone shoes http://wandaphullworld.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/style-files-chanel-two-tone-boots/


  2. luis espada on February 4, 2009 at 8:37 PM

    i love your hair!!!



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